Accounts Receivable Management

Our accounts receivable follow-up service is designed to increase the amount of revenue collected for our clients.  The process begins after the provider creates and sends health insurance claims to various insurance companies.

Depending on the transmission type and length of time since submission, we being our follow-ups.  We regularly help our clients achieve a 30% reduction in accounts receivable aging within just one month!

Our Aging Accounts Receivable Management Process

A/R Analysis

14% of all claims submitted to payers are denied and have to be resubmitted, appealed, or written off by providers.  50% of denied claims are never re-filed.  But, 50-70% of denied claims have a good chance of being recovered.  We analyze your A/R and determine appropriate solutions for all entries.


We use aggressive follow-up with the insurance companies on all accounts at ANY stage of the aging bucket.  We will use various insurance company websites and internet portals, Interactive Voice Response systems, and live insurance representatives if necessary to check the status of claims.

Denial Management

Whether denied for authorization, referral, out-of-network, or a number of other issues, we focus on the necessary action to get the claim paid.  There are two categories specifically that we focus on – claim correction and resubmission and receiving patient’s responsibility for claims that cannot be worked further.

Benefit Highlights

Reduction in accounts receivable by 30% within one month!

Accounts receivable recovery cost as low as 2.5% of collections!

Demonstrated expertise in working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R!

Same attention to every cash amount regardless of its size or source!

Expert handling of accounts receivable by highly experienced staff!

7+ years experience in claim adjudication for major US insurance plans!

Let Us Earn Your Business

Our aging accounts receivable service is the perfect introduction to a working relationship with us.  It is a very low risk and high reward service that is sure to increase your cash flow and overall revenue generation.  You will spend less to get more!

To learn more about our aging accounts receivable service, we have put together a presentation that you can review at your convenience.  In it, we give specific working examples of our processes, reporting, compliance initiatives and more.

Simply fill out the form and we will email you the presentation with no other obligation on your part.  We are confident we can help you reduce your accounts receivable by 30% in just 30 days.

Account receivable services by Synergy Medical FL

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